Backup/Data Protection

Today’s IT manages various technologies – multiple storage systems (Server, SAN and NAS to name a few), virtualisation technologies (VMware and Hyper-V), databases (SQL), and cloud services (Iaas, SaaS, Microsoft 365) – all of which operate in their own distinct ways and require different methods of protection.

Managing backup operations should not add to the existing complexity with which IT Administrators struggle each day. IT Professionals need easier to manage backup systems that can protect heterogenous environments and which can report via a unified operational console – a single pane of glass – on the health of their backups. Above all they want the system to be simple!

As a Veeam Silver Cloud and Service Provider, Core Team One (CTO) has access to one of the most modern backup solutions on the market and can carefully assess your data protection needs and requirements to ensure you have the right tools and processes to protect and backup all of your data assets.

CTO Consider The Following Key Attributes…

  • Comprehensive protection – The solution must support on-premises physical and virtualised infrastructure, public cloud infrastructure and SaaS. The solution should also have the ability to work with diverse storage platforms for snapshots and replications within the same data protection management framework and have the capability to support granular recovery for improved recovery time.
  • Recovery at scale – Firms must keep their backups and other copies for years, demanding the flexibility and adaptability to managed underlying storage. This can result in the exponential growth of data volumes and so granularity and speed are important factors from both backup and recovery perspectives. CTO look to optimise backup tools to reduce the time, cost, and storage requirements. Plus, our solutions protect restoring data from ransomware and other malware intrusions and support various recovery modes, including application-centric, user-specific, and file-level recoveries.
  • Ease of management – Our data protection solutions offer global management and reporting using a unified operation console – ‘a single pane of glass’ – to produce comprehensive reports across the heterogenous protected assets and distributed data protection infrastructure. Ultimately, we offer a simple solution with out-of-the box visibility to guide IT professionals and compliance/audit teams’ decision making in data protection strategy.
  • Automation and orchestration – CTO’s Veeam solution offers built-in automation for routine tasks like backup, test restorations/validations and recoveries. It can report on deviations from protection policies to ensure compliance with corporate retention and recoverability policies.
  • Data reuse and insights – For some companies, the benefit of a modern backup solution comes not just from the assurance of recoverability, but also from the ability to do more by leveraging the data within the backup repositories for other business uses. For example, some organisations like to reuse backup data for test OS/application patches or new versions i.e., upgrading Sage or SAP Business One without affecting ‘live’ data.
  • Security – Ransomware is a global risk firms face in terms of the likelihood of occurrence and impact. Ransomware is known for not only encrypting production data but also wiping out the backup systems and backup copies i.e., the victims’ last line of defence. Our Veeam solution inherently provides multidimensional security. The solution has the ability to secure itself from unauthorised access, rogue elements, and malware attacks. Plus, it also has multilayer authentication to ensure that a destructive action cannot be executed by simply gaining access into the system.

Backup/Data Protection and Business Continuity

Going hand in hand with Backup/Data Protection is Business Continuity.

Backup/Data Protection answers the questions:
  • Is my data safe?
  • Can I get it back in case of a failure?
Business continuity, on the other hand, involves thinking about the business at a higher-level and asks:
  • How quickly can you get your systems back up and running?
  • How quickly can you get the team working again?
  • How much is a business continuity solution going to save your business against the cost of downtime?
  • What are the implications (lost orders, missed deadlines, reputational damage) if you don’t have business continuity?

These are important questions upon which Core Team One can provide clear, independent advice to ensure your data remains safe and recoverable in the shortest time possible.

Food for thought? Consult with CTO for the best Backup/Data Protection and Business Continuity solutions for your business.

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