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EDR vs Antivirus?

The shortcomings of “legacy AV” have become all too apparent as the sophistication and prevalence of malware has grown in the last decade. The process of scanning files in and out of the system against a known list of virus signatures is old hat. The legacy vendors simply can’t keep up, so they have tried to bolster their products with tools like behaviour monitoring and predictive machine learning – renaming Antivirus to Endpoint Protection.

In contrast, EDR focuses on collecting endpoint data and examining it for malicious or anomalous patterns in real-time. As the name implies, EDR’s job is to detect an infection and initiate a response as quickly as possible. EDR will block malicious files, but more importantly EDR recognises that not all modern attacks are file-based. 

EDR gives deep visibility into what file modifications, process creations and network connections have occurred on the endpoint: vital for threat hunting, incident response and digital forensics. This is essential for the SOC team.

Endpoint Detection and Response by CTO

EPP + EDR Combined

SentinelOne Singularity EPP+EDR combines next-gen prevention and EDR capabilities in a single Sentinel agent.

Built on SentinelOne

For the third year in a row, SentinelOne is named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Endpoint Protection Platforms.

Fully Managed SOC

A highly skilled SOC team with cutting edge technology specialise in early threat detection and remediation.

Is EDR important for business?

Businesses are facing an increasingly tight regulatory landscape, and many regulations require (either directly or by implication) the use of EDR.

GDPR doesn’t go as far as to mandate the use of EDR, but the ability to have such visibility is crucial to ensure protection of PII and to minimize the risk of a breach.

The NIS2 Directive also doesn’t mandate it, but those who don’t deploy EDR will struggle to meet timescales required for data collection and notification.

Cyber Insurance is an area where EDR is becoming a requirement.  Many insurers now look for EDR as it offers them a risk reduction control for the insured business.


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