Effective lifecycle management

Even at a time when businesses are turning to cloud services to reduce their reliance on IT hardware, there will always be a need for servers, networking equipment and end-user devices in your toolkit.

Your business IT equipment is integral to the functionality of your business. It’s, therefore, crucial that your IT equipment aligns with the goals and needs of your business.

Hardware is one of the biggest capital investments any IT department makes.  We give you informed recommendations, based on years of expert industry knowledge, to ensure your IT equipment gives your business the best value for money and is supported should you encounter any issues.

Effective lifecycle management

Modern Support

The benefits of buying through CTO

It’s easy to take IT for granted when it’s running smoothly, yet technology has never been more vital to the prosperity of businesses of all sizes and across every industry. Remote and hybrid working are becoming the norm, and there are more connected devices than ever before. Each new device and every different out-of-office location is a fresh vulnerability.

That’s why it makes sound business sense to have CTO’s Leeds and Huddersfield based IT support resources always on call. You never know when you’ll need us, but one thing is certain: when you do require IT support, we make your business our priority.

Our Hardware Lifecycle service includes

CTO provide a full range of managed IT support services, looking after every aspect of your IT infrastructure, from technical support to end-user management.

Ongoing advice and technology

We provide regular technical summaries of your IT infrastructure, recommending IT equipment that will maximise your security and efficiency. We also provide you with an IT roadmap and budget plan, so you know what equipment you might need in the future.

We’ll also:

  • Order everything for you, and endeavour to get you the best deal
  • Deal directly with suppliers, so you don’t have to
  • Sort out delivery and installation of your new equipment
  • Deal with any third parties, like courier companies and manufacturers if anything goes wrong
Ongoing advice and technology

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In the search for a solutions provider to take on the task of rationalising and standardising the group IT offering they immediately looked to the team at CTO Ltd.
CTO implemented new infrastructure and successfully migrated Dent from legacy equipment to future-proof their business.

Just wanted to say how impressed with Core Team One and Michael in particular….. Took much less time too so everyone is happy. Thanks once again.

Kevin Roberts
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