Networking and security

For IT to work, data must flow smoothly and securely. Network Security and productivity are tightly bound together in modern IT ecosystems.

As the fabric supporting your IT ecosystem, your secure network must be flexible, functional, and future proof. Our technology experts work with your business to design high-performance wired and wireless network infrastructures that won’t let you down.

Our consultants and industry partners have a range of tools and techniques that will protect your sensitive company information as it flows across your local area network and beyond. We can provide next-generation switching technologies to maintain application performance along with secure network services that let you access those applications securely from anywhere.

Protect Your Business

Using a FortiGate Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)​

In addition, the FortiGate firewall provides the following services:

By protecting your Internet perimeter, any device that tries to access a known malicious website from within your data network will be protected by the NGFW.  Furthermore, the device supports multiple internal data networks to help you segregate your guest devices from your corporate network where your all-important data resides.

Perimeter security

Many SME’s and organisations rely on the basic router from their broadband provider i.e., BT, Virgin Media or an entry level router – like Draytek – with very docile perimeter protection, but this does not protect your internet network.  To protect the corporate network, CTO propose a Next Generation Firewall solution based on the Fortinet Security Fabric.

A FortiGate Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) replaces the existing router and governs all data transmissions in and out of the business network.  It controls the internet connection and handles bandwidth for data and voice to ensure smooth operation.  This increases your overall network security.

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CTO implemented new infrastructure and successfully migrated Dent from legacy equipment to future-proof their business.

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We offer a FREE Cyber Security audit including a deep Dark Web scan to all potential new IT support customers as part of a comprehensive system review.

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