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Full Guide to Cyber Essentials

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Full Guide to Cyber Essentials

The Benefits of Cyber Essentials

With the number of attacks increasing, businesses are starting to take notice of their cyber security and taking steps to reduce their risk; one such way to do this is by getting certified for Cyber Essentials.


Reduce cyber risk by 80%

Aligning with the 5 Cyber Essentials controls will give your business increased protection against common internet-based attacks, minimising the chance of serious damage.


Win tenders and new business

The accreditation is required for most public tenders and is becoming increasingly popular in the private sector. Get certified to maximise your chances of winning new tenders.


Cheaper cyber insurance premiums

Achieving the accrediation lets insurance providers know you’re taking action for your cyber security, making it more likely your premium will be lower. You even get a basic policy for free with your Cyber Essentials!


Better client relationships

Getting certified demonstrates to your customers and partners that you’re committed to protecting their data from bad actors.


A better overview of your IT

Cyber Essentials assessments can be a great opportunity to gain a clearer picture of your infrastructure and address any uncertainties with an internal audit.


It's simply a good place to start

The accreditation offers businesses an affordable and achievable security baseline, making it a great first step on your cyber security journey, to later complement with more advanced solutions if required.

The Cyber Threat

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen massive growth in cybercrime. According to data from the UK Government’s Cyber Breaches Report in 2022, 39% of UK businesses reported cyber breaches in the last 12 months – and those are just the cases that were reported!  Unfortunately, these numbers are only rising as we become more and more reliant on technology within our organisations.

UK businesses are experiencing an estimated 65,000 cyber attack attempts daily. The message is clear: Cyber security needs to be a priority for every business owner.

The Cyber Threat


Phishing attacks have gone up from 72% to 83% in the last 4 years


The average cost of breaches experienced by businesses in the last 12 months is £8460


31% of companies reporting cyber attacks experience them more than once a week.

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