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IT Managed Services

As an MSP – Managed Services Provider – Core Team One offer professional IT Services to which SMBs can outsource their IT needs.

But what exactly is an MSP?

MSPs are the guardians of IT, delivering ongoing monitoring and management of client applications (email, web site, security, etc) and IT infrastructure remotely. This is typically accomplished through remote monitoring services, sometimes called RMM – Remote Monitoring Management, which allows Core Team One to keep tabs on the health of clients’ IT environments, change and update systems, and troubleshoot problems. As an MSP, Core Team One closely monitor a wide variety of IT solutions a business has implemented, including web apps, desktop and server management software, backup and disaster recovery, storage management tools and security software.

Typically, small businesses outsource IT to ensure all their business systems, operations and networks remain up and running. Managed service providers, like Core Team One, take a proactive approach to IT. Rather than waiting for something to break or shut down, MSPs ensure a customer’s IT can avoid most tech issues in the first place. This is significant, because IT related downtime can have an impact on revenue and business reputation – especially for smaller businesses trying to grow and developing their image in the marketplace.

What Managed Services are Consumed by SMBs?

MSPs typically deliver services on a subscription basis; companies pay a fixed amount, usually monthly or quarterly, for a specific set of IT services. Some common examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Application monitoring/management – see more about this here
  • Helpdesk
  • E-mail
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

These services are typically offered either as packaged services, or as separate items, depending on the needs of the SMB. They are also often priced at a fraction of the cost of a full time IT resource. MSPs work with a variety of technology vendors in order to deliver these services. However, it is not just about the technology. Rather, the expertise of the service provider holds the most value for SMBs.

Get ahead with Managed Services!

If you have not considered an IT managed service offering and are trying to manage your own IT, it is worth being aware of this cost-effective way to have your IT burden lifted. If you are working with an IT provider on a project basis, it is worth investigating the co-managed benefits an MSP, like Core Team One, can offer too. Or if your current IT team is running ragged, perhaps you can offload some difficult IT tasks to help keep you focused and keep you safe.

Why Adopt Managed Services?

Moving all or some IT tasks to a managed service allows businesses to focus on their core competencies instead of day-to- day IT management. This is especially important for SMBs, since they are frequently stretched thin from a personnel and budget standpoint. Obviously, the specific reasons SMBs adopt managed services depends on the unique needs of the organisation. For example, the IT needs of the 5-person company with no in-house IT will be quite different from those of a 100-person company with a dedicated IT team. However, generally speaking, businesses adopt managed services to improve upon all or some aspect of their IT strategy or infrastructure. How this occurs will largely depend on the in-house IT expertise of a given business.

Research shows that SMBs typically adopt managed services to: –

  • Improve efficiency/reliability of IT operations
  • Free IT staff to work on strategic projects
  • Enhance security compliance
  • Keep software patched to protect against security breaches
  • Offload tasks that are difficult and/or time consuming
  • Put complex tasks – like backup and restore – in the hands of experts.

Companies with in-house IT could also benefit managed services – this is sometimes called Co-Managed IT and is discussed in more detail here.

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