What are the benefits of having a server?

What is a server?

A Server centralises your business information and help’s you work more efficiently. The Server responds to requests for information from other computers – it “serves” files, data, print, fax resources and more to multiple computers on the same network. Find out what the benefits are of having a server.

Server-based networks can be found in many small businesses – some with fewer than five PCs. If sluggish PCs and files stored on disks are slowing your business down, a network Server could be the solution.

What are the benefits of having a server?

A Server protects business information by delivering a more reliable and security-enhanced infrastructure. It includes built-in firewall protection and security-enhanced remote access to help prevent unauthorized users from getting into your network.

It prevents data loss with automatic data backups and allows you to easily retrieve accidentally deleted files and restore previous versions.

A Server helps to ensure network health by keeping your PCs and servers current with the latest updates.

You can accommodate a mobile work force. Staff can work from virtually anywhere, anytime, with access to e-mail, internal Web sites, network files, and even business applications from any Internet-enabled PC. You are able to share resources and equipment such as Internet access, printers, and fax machines.

A Server also provides one central place to store business information, meaning you can better manage business-critical information. It’s easier for staff to find, access, and share information and schedules.

A Server can help you present a more professional image to your customers. It enables you to run web services, manage web sites, create e-mail newsletters and exploit more sophisticated tools and applications. Server software enables you to consolidate your e-mail accounts with suppliers like google mail, Yahoo! and Hotmail into a single, company-hosted e-mail account, enhancing your image to customers and partners.

A Server can give older PCs a new lease of life – by off-loading their files and data onto a server, older PCs will work quicker and more effectively.

A Server allows you to provide high-speed internet access across a network. You get more processing power. It ‘supercharges’ your network, storing large chunks of data, freeing up memory and enabling individual PCs to perform better. It allows you to set up new computers, add users and deploy new applications more quickly and easily.

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