Switching IT Support

Switching IT Support

Are you thinking of switching IT support provider but a little bit scared to take the plunge?

Many businesses will stay with their existing IT provider, even if they’re not receiving a good service!  There is fear of business disruption when switching to a new managed service provider, because the IT system is usually critical to business function.

When you talk to CTO about switching IT support, we can make the process smooth and feel effortless.  We can certainly take away any fear of transition.  Our dedicated team can manage every aspect of the changeover with you.  They are a team of specialist IT technicians who will support your organisation through crucial aspects of the transition phase, such as switching cloud providers, designing a new IT infrastructure, and effective billing.  Navigating the switch can be problem-free with the right support.

How we prepare you and your business when switching to CTO

The most common concerns when switching providers are;

  1. Unplanned downtime – We will put the right plan in place to reduce the amount of downtime necessary and ensure your business is always prepared.
  2. Lost Data – To avoid losing any valuable data, we will create backups and ensure the data is migrated securely.
  3. Unforeseen costs – There will be no unplanned or surprise costs as a plan will be in place that will remove any risks.

So the first step when switching to us is to ensure a good plan is in place, and everyone knows what is going to happen.  We design a tailor-made plan for the changeover ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition.  We will create processes to avoid any potential risks impacting your company.

Whatever concern your organisation has, we will implement solutions to prevent them from happening.

When should you think about switching your IT provider;

  • Unable to keep up with your own business demands
  • Drop in service quality
  • Poor project delivery, struggling to keep up with agreed deliverables
  • Costs spiking, surprise fees and confusing invoices
  • Poor communication or slow response times
  • No alignment with your unique needs
  • Bad reaction to your concerns

Benefits to switching to CTO

  • A fresh prospective and approach
  • Free audit and analysis before you switch
  • Transparent pricing
  • Excellent service with 24/7 critical support
  • Secure long-term growth
  • Puts YOU back in control of your IT

Make the switch

At CTO we really pride ourselves on being reliable.  We offer the best cyber security to ensure protection and the continued functionality of your business.  Supporting your business 24/7/365 is built-in, we’re always here for you.

We will make switching a pain free task.  You will be asking yourself why you didn’t switch sooner?!

Get in touch to let us audit and assess, and we will show you how easy it can be.

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