Cut IT costs, not corners

Cut IT costs, not corners!

With the current climate as it, getting the best possible value from your IT spend is imperative. Technology has never been more vital to the prosperity of businesses of all sizes and across every industry. It is so important to keep your infrastructure up to date and ready for anything – for instance those that had invested in digital transformation pre-pandemic were better prepared for the seismic shift to remote work. However it is important to cut costs not corners when implementing the below.

Here are a few ways CTO can help you get more for your money;

Effective hardware life cycle management

  • Your business IT equipment is integral to the functionality of your business. It is therefore crucial that your IT equipment aligns with the goals and needs of the business.
  • We will provide a technical summary of your IT infrastructure, recommending IT equipment that will maximise your security and efficiency. Including a road map and budget plan, so you know what equipment you might require in the future.
  • We will also order everything for you, and endeavour to get you the best deal. Liaise directly with the suppliers so you don’t have to. Deliver and install equipment and deal with any third parties, like courier companies and manufacturers if anything goes wrong.

Identifying ongoing expenses

CTO will help you identify and manage your current IT expenditure in a transparent way so you know how your costs will change as your business grows.

  • Network infrastructure and security (data centre, backups, firewalls, VPN, cyber security, support and maintenance contracts)
  • Replacing or upgrading hardware and software (PCs, laptops, servers)
  • Subscriptions and cloud services (productivity software e.g., Microsoft 365, data storage, video conferencing)
  • Line of business applications (CRM, ERP, finance, marketing and HR systems)
  • Telecoms (voice, mobile, internet, data)
  • Peripherals (printing spend, keyboards, mouse, headsets, cables etc.)

Ongoing advice and technology management

  • We can recommend IT equipment that will help maximise your security and efficiency
  • We will provide you with an IT roadmap, so you know what is coming down the tracks
  • We can provide devices with low power consumption
  • We could even automate turning devices off at night to save power.

Physical and virtual infrastructure projects

  • If you have a big project coming up that requires some digital transformation, we can help you find grants to help manage costs
  • We can help you choose the most costs effective licenses and subscriptions to reduce over-spend
  • We can identify areas where virtualisation will reduce your ongoing spend

Business protection

  • Cost effective Cyber Insurance through the government backed Cyber Essentials scheme
  • Affordable services that will help you pass Cyber Essentials first time
  • Let your customers and suppliers know you are serious about Cyber Security
  • Protect against huge data breach costs by implementing security standards that your insurance company can recognise and verify

DO keep a keen eye on costs

DON’T be tempted to cut corners

CTO will help you in a transparent way to have a clear picture of what’s required when maintaining and growing your business in the most cost-effective way possible.

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