Common Mistakes

Common IT mistakes in small business

Running a small business can often present a lot of challenges. You need to make sure you have the right systems and IT support in place to make sure that your business runs as smoothly as possible. Sadly common IT mistakes in small business environments happen time and time again.

Not Enough Technical Support

Getting the right technical support to compliment your businesses requirements Is essential in the operational success of any small business. A lot of smaller businesses tend to outsource there IT but they may not be receiving the level of service there business requires, it may be time to switch your IT support provider. Or alternatively they may be a single internal resource that is responsible for all of the businesses IT. This may cause issues when there is a period of growth, the resources available may not be able to keep up with the increased demand for IT support.

Not Upgrading Technology

A lot of small businesses fear the expense of upgrading their technology, they have the theory ‘if it isn’t broken don’t fix it’. But this can have negative consequences for instance when hardware goes unsupported after a period of time. In 2021 there was a cyber security threat around unpatched Exchange 2013 servers, where they were a potential entry point for hackers trying to gain access to business systems. Also you will be missing out on new features and may lose ground on your competition.

Not training staff

Educating your staff to what could be a potential threat is the best way of preventing possible cyber-attacks. A lack of knowledge or support can cause massive problems. All it takes is for a member of staff to click a link in an email to potentially infect your systems with malware, ransomware and other types of cyber threat. Combining out of date technology and untrained staff is a recipe for disaster.

No reliable backup

Where would you be if disaster strikes and you lose all of your data and then your backup fails? Your data is your most valuable asset, and with that ensuring it is safe at all times has to be the most important priority you make.

Bad passwords

Using the same password across multiple websites increases your chances of having your credentials breached. As tempting as it maybe it’s not worth the potential risk. There are many password manager options available where you can keep all your passwords in one place and they offer a unique generated password that will be far more secure.

Buying cheap equipment

With technology its often the case you get what you pay for, if you buy cheap equipment you are going to get a higher fail rate. It isn’t always easy knowing what you should prioritise spending money on and where you should perhaps look to save a few pounds here or there.

Not having a plan

Technology impacts your whole operation, and any small changes can have massive consequences down the line. Every year you should be budgeting for new hardware and software to enhance your company’s IT requirements. Work with an experienced technology partner who will guide you through the process making sure your users face minimal disruptions. Control your IT Posture and be a step ahead of the game.

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